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KEC participate into Viet Nam Medical Informatics Association

it is a great honor for KEC Founder – Mr Nguyen Dinh Quyen to become a member of Executive Committee Board of Vietnam Medical Informatics Association.

With Dr Trần Quý Tường - Chairman of Association.
Mr Nguyen Dinh Quyen (L) with Dr Trần Quý Tường (R) – Chairman of Association.

it is big step of Vietnam to make our healthcare system be better every day.

Over the past time, with the efforts of the entire health sector in general and medical informatics workers in particular, Vietnam’s health informatics work has gradually developed and integrated. Many policies related to e-health development issued by the Ministry of Health are highly appreciated by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The Ministry of Health leads the ministries in terms of mechanisms, policies and regulations for IT application. IT application in hospitals has made a breakthrough, 100% of hospitals nationwide have hospital information system software; 99.5% of medical examination and treatment facilities succeed in connecting and linking health insurance medical examination and treatment data between hospitals and health insurance assessment and payment agencies. Successfully and effectively deployed 100% of online public services at level 4 of the Ministry of Health, achieving the targets assigned by the government. Initial steps to form a telemedicine network.

However, besides these achievements, IT application in our country faces many difficulties and challenges, such as incomplete financial mechanism and insufficient resources to meet the requirements for IT application; the connection, communication and sharing of data are still limited and have not met the requirements; Social resources have not been well mobilized for medical IT application, the participation in policy formulation of experts and officials is not effective, especially there is no professional social organization on health IT to coordinate with state agencies and related units in training and improving professional qualifications of medical IT staff, as well as participating in policy development and management activities. State management of health IT is better.

Meanwhile around the world, the Asian Electronic Health Network (AeHIN) has promoted better use of information and communication technology (ICT). According to electronic news sites, there are more than 60 medical informatics associations in the world at present.

Some associations such as: Argentine Medical Informatics Association, Australian Health Informatics Association, Belgian Health Informatics Association, Medical Informatics Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazilian Health Informatics Association, Association of Medical Informatics Croatian Health Informatics, Japan Medical Informatics Association, Indian Health Informatics Association, Malaysian Medical Informatics Association.

These associations are all very effective, making many contributions to the development of their health IT.

Stemming from the above facts, the establishment of the Vietnam Health Informatics Association is very necessary. The Association is a socio-professional organization of Vietnamese organizations and citizens operating in the field of medical IT application and development in accordance with Vietnamese law, voluntarily established for the purpose of gathering, unite members, protect members’ legitimate rights and interests, support each other to operate effectively, contribute to building a modern, quality, fair, efficient and consistent healthcare system in Vietnam. international import; support people to easily access health information to use health services with high efficiency and to be protected, cared for, and improved continuously, for life. At the same time, the Association was born to contribute to promoting research, training, dissemination, application and development of medical IT to serve the cause of caring for and protecting people’s health in the new situation.


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